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Coloured light massage acc. to Peter Mandel

The human skin acts as an antenne and conducts light - waves - with photones and electrones to the area of the hypothalamus and there an endokrine reaction takes place, which informs every organ or cell. There are colours that work more on the body and others more on the psychis.
Coloured light on the body or acupuncture points (for seconds or minutes) changes the frequency of the cell. Every other therapy can be accompanied or be supported with the colour light therapy. It is a gentle form, that children love very much and they react very fast.
Supposingly illness is low frequency of the cells - one can raise the frequency of the cell with coloured light. Peter Mandel studied the reflexology, the somatotopy by Gleditsch and Head as well as the irisdiagnostic and integrated it onto the coloured light therapy.
  • spineproblems
  • pain therapy
  • cleaning of the connective tissue
  • infections
  • skin problems
  • abdominal trouble
  • diabetics
  • fear and depression
  • activating the lymphatic system
To give a full or part body massage a specially relaxing effect I finish with coloured light therapy.

Frequency Therapy

  • lymphactic drainage
  • reconstruction of the muscles of the pelvis after giving birth and incontinens
  • cellulite reduction and body forming
  • supporting facial muscles to reduce wrinkles
  • pain reduction of the spine and joints
  • upper arm tension


Back- and whole body massage

With elements from the classical massage, Tuina and coloured-light-therapy acc to Peter Mandel.
Lomi Lomi Nui
The queen of the massages. It is part of an old Hawaiian healing ritual which was and is performed during great challenges in life. The body's selfhealing forces are activated by gentle flowing movements and gentle stretching in the rhythem of hawaiian music. Energy flows again, the body is deeply relaxed and therefore your spirit lightens up......you just feel good ! ! (90 min)
Balm for your spine - Tuina orthopedic
Is a combination from classical massage on the back, Tuina, coloured-light-therapy on parts of the body and acupuncturpoints as well as gentle manipulation of the spine and the hips.
Tuina - traditional chinnese massage
In China this massage is done without oil over thin clothing. In Europe people enjoy the relaxation on the masage table. Therefore I allowed myself to do the tuina on the nacked body and with a bit of oil. The technique is different from the "European" massage. Tuina regulates the energy flow, loosens tensions and very often eases pain. A great deal of work is done on the meridians and on the acupuncture points.


Synchrometer testings
With the synchrometer test the frequencies of heavy metals, toxins and pathogens even in organes (liver, brain, colon, etc.) can be tracked down.


sending of information (harmonising of toxins, pathogens, organs, etc.) to persons all over the world.


Body care products free of endangering substances
Nutritions: herbal substancesm remedies from the Ming Dynesty, Tibet, Indians, etc.
Bach's remedy
Fresh Royal Jelly

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